Forever Minus One Day

The Love Story of Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks

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"If you live to one-hundred, I want to live to one-hundred minus one day, because I never want to live a day without you"--Winnie the Pooh

Two lives, very different, running side by side, but destined to collide and become one. A boy, who born ordinary, loved by his family, quiet and unassuming and filled with life, and destined for so much more. A girl, born extrordinary, lost in her family, waiting for an opportunity to change her stars that she never knew she wanted.

Neither of them never knew what they were missing until they found it. When they did, they were never going to let it go.

Two very different starts, one combined perfect end.

This is the story of Theodore Tonks and the girl he loved and who loved him back. This is the story of Andromeda Black who gave up what she knew and found the unknown better.

The befores were different, but it's amazing what identical letters written parchment can start.

The afters are where the true stories are.

This is a work of love and labour, a fanfiction dedicated and created with the heart and soul by Lina [lookslikelove]. It's dedicated to everyone who has ever been in love or wished they were, who has ever been lost or alone, who has ever been searching for something more.

This is for you all you who have ever dreamed.

No copyright infringement intended. All characters and the Harry Potter fandom owned by JK Rowling and Scholastic, Inc.