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[professional life ruiner.] [userpic]
A Few Odd Things You Might Be Wondering...
by [professional life ruiner.] (lookslikelove)
at February 25th, 2006 (05:58 pm)

feeling: giggly

What are the birthdays of our hero and heroine?

Well, birthdays are simple, yet important things, because they tell a lot about people without saying much of anything.

Andromeda’s birthday is November 17, 1953.

Ted’s birthday is October 13, 1953.

This makes them both eleven going on twelve at the start of their first year. Which is important to note, because JKR stated in one interview that students must be eleven by 1 September of their first year.

Why start with their letters to school? Why not earlier?

Because they don’t meet each other until Hogwarts, and a lot their earlier life can be conveyed through their initial reactions to their letters as well as to how they interact with others. It’s the perfect time for a beginning, because essentially it’s the beginning of their adult lives. When you go to secondary or high school, you change dramatically from who you were as a kid to who you are going to be as an adult. This is the start of the journey.

How canon is this? Are we going to get the Marauders?

I love canon. I’m a huge fan. As thus, I recognize the fact that when it comes to JKR’s math skills, she leaves something to be desired. I also know that there are several characters without dates or last names or first names floating around. So, I’m going to work with that, to try to make it work for me. The Marauders will be appearing later, when the time is right (they didn’t come to Hogwarts until 1971), but this is going to be a long project, so they’ll be around. Trust me.

How often are the updates going to be?

I’m a busy girl who’s working by herself on this (not that I’m complaining, I picked to do this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world—this is my baby). I’m in university, and a double major, double minor, which means I’m busy, busy, busy. But that also means that I have the time management skills of a fiend and know that sometimes, you just need to work on things that are not the political theory or Austin’s works (not that I don’t love either). So, expect updates no later than every two weeks (no promises though).

So, now that we have some parameters for updates, how far apart in the timeline of the story are the updates going to be?

It depends really. Sometimes, one update might take place a few weeks after another update, but the update after than might be a year. It all just depends on the flow of the story. Think of this as screencaps and snapshots of two people’s lives. It’s the entire story, just not every single minute—if it was, it would never be done!

Where did you get those awesome pictures and graphics you use?

Well, now that's a great question. All pictures I use (rather, will be using) are from gettyimages.com unless otherwise stated (which means I took them myself). I'm a huge fan of stock photography; I just admire it, and thus I want to use it help convey my story. The graphics? Well, they are made with love and much gratitude by crooked. She rocks. Siriusly.

If anyone has any other questions, feel free to drop a line either here in the comments or email me at echochaser9 [at] livejournal.com