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[professional life ruiner.] [userpic]
thanks and praises
by [professional life ruiner.] (lookslikelove)
at March 3rd, 2006 (02:24 pm)

Thank Yous and ♥

  • crooked: Because her kickass graphics are what help to prettify this comm. Aren't they lovely? Everyone should go out and fangirl her, because she did them without me even having to beg. She's that awesome.

  • oravannahka: Who made the lovely header for this comm, because I commissed her, even though I left the community who she worked for and thus, she didn't have to complete the project, she just is that awesome. It's lovely, isn't it?

  • aurora_borialis: Whose OCD makes the layout so pretty. And because I trust her enough to give her the password to my journal. How's that for awesome? I didn't ask her to do it, she just wanted to. She also made the pretty custom buttons.

  • orlanstamos: Who has the Ted in her head to my Andy and she keeps providing me with more and more marvels all the time. We're impressed. Honestly.

  • eudaimon: Who wrote the first Ted/Andromeda fic to ever make me sob. Really really embarassingly hard. In public. It was gross.

  • Everyone and anyone whose ever listened to me excessively talk about them and not killed me.

  • Credits

  • Gettyimages.com for all images used in the fic unless other wise stated.

  • Every artist mentioned in the "music" bar of entries, because they are my inspiration.

  • Comments

    Posted by: A. X. (oravannahka)
    Posted at: March 5th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)
    Harry Potter

    Hey, I know that a) you left HR b) you already have a very pretty header and c)you probably will not like this header, but I made one anyway for you, if you still want it.

    Good luck with the project!

    ~ Ashley

    Posted by: [professional life ruiner.] (lookslikelove)
    Posted at: March 5th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC)
    Dancer:: Vintage in b/w

    Aww! Thank you so much! I love it, I really do! *hugs*

    ♥ Thank you. That was too nice of you!


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